Thanks for your patience while we worked through the many issues of these rankings. We have endeavored to provide every team with a ranking to recognize their effort on this challenging course.

The Categories are as follows:

  • Full Course - completion of the full course, no cutoffs, no modifications. Ranked by finish time.
  • Modified Course - completion of the course, taking one or more official cutoffs. Ranked by finish time.
  • Assisted Completion - completion of the course, with assistance from race staff (such as a shuttle due to an unplanned cutoff). Ranked by finish time.
  • Incomplete - teams that dropped to three members, skipped CPs, withdrew, or had other challenges that prevented full completion of the course. Ranked by total number of CPs attained, furthest CP attained, then total race time.
Download an Excel spreadsheet with more results details including time credits, actual times and adjusted race times.

Rank Team Course Start CP 1 CP 2 CP 3 CP 4 CP 5 CP 6 CP 7 CP 8 CP 9 CP 10 CP 11 CP 12 CP 13 CP 14 CP 15 CP 16 CP 17 CP 18 CP 19 CP 20 CP 21 CP 22 End

Please submit any concerns, questions, or further information by Tuesday, August 23. Thanks!