The West Kootenay

It’s hard to imagine a better place for a wilderness expedition race than the West Kootenay. A pristine region of rivers, lakes, hot springs and waterfalls; alpine meadows and jagged snow-capped mountains - the West Kootenay grab at the adventurer’s soul.

The History

For thousands of years, this area was home to the Kootenai First Nations, who lived off the area’s significant bounty, and had incredible paddling skills to travel the region’s waterways. In the mid-1800’s, the Gold Rush changed the Kootenays forever, and has left a legacy including Canada’s most prolific gold mine, an intriguing history of railway and nation building, and the birth of the Toronto Stock Exchange.

The West Kootenay & RTNX

The West Kootenay are world-renowned for unbeatable mountain biking trails, including Rossland’s Seven Summits Trail, named one of IMBA’s Epic Trails. And of BC’s seven national parks, four are in the Kootenays. And of course, racers will never be alone with the abundant wildlife of the area, as plentiful populations of eagles, moose, elk, bighorn sheep, and bears make the area home.

Atmosphere Raid the North Extreme is about more than a challenging wilderness expedition; the race has always served as a platform to highlight the host region’s history, character, and First Nations communities. The rich mining and pioneer spirit of the area will capture the imagination of racers as they experience dormant volcanoes, abandoned trestles and tunnels, and ghost towns.

"We're very pleased that Atmosphere RTNX will take place in the Kootenays this year" stated Kevin Jolly, Chair of the Lower Columbia Community Development team (LCCDT). "It's a great opportunity to showcase and position the region as a great place to live, work and play to outdoor enthusiasts from all over the world" stated Jolly.

Where are the West Kootenay?

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