Adventure Sports Training:

Navigation for adventure racing and orienteering are NOT the same thing. Orienteering deals with finding precise markers using accurate, detailed maps. In adventure racing, navigation is about interpreting ambiguous and sometimes incomplete information to find distinct (and usually obvious) points. Our navigation classes are specifically designed to help you in wilderness-based adventure races.

The fundamentals of navigation (reading a map and compass) are actually quite logical and straightforward when properly explained. The real challenge comes in route selection, strategy and interpretation of information. On a 1:50,000 scale map (the standard for adventure races in Canada) there is rarely enough detail to know exactly what lies between you and the next checkpoint. As well, maps are often out of date and incomplete. The best strategy usually comes from knowing which features and information on the map you can trust as well as reading into what is not shown.


A great refresher for all the basic ropes and climbing skills needed for Adventure Racing. Mike Shannon, owner of Beyond the Crux, will take participants out to a local crag with established routes for a few hours of fundamentals and practice on rock. Focusing on safety, proper and efficient use of your gear, rappelling skills, and zip line techniques, Mike will have participants fine tuned and at their best for the upcoming Raid the North.

Bring your Mandatory Gear for ropes sections, and any additional climbing gear you have, as well as headlamps, snacks & water, and a light jacket. Meet at Valhalla Pure Outfitters to buy any missing gear, then head out.

    Wed, Sept 9 (18:00 - 21:00)
    Instructor: Mike Shannon (owner, Beyond the Crux climbing gym)
    Location: meet at Valhalla Pure Outfitters

    COST: $30 - bring cash to the clinic
    REGISTRATION: Limit 8 participants, so act fast! Send us an email confirmation!

NOTE: Additional sessions can be set up for groups in other locations.
Contact us for details.